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Bull & Bones Brewhaus is a state of the art 10 barrel brewery. We have won best brewery at Floyd Fandango and Maroon Effect won in the Nut Brown catagory at Microfestivous. Come by and get a Sample and pick out your favorite.

Summer HefeSeasonal

Classic German unfiltered wheat. Special yeast producing clove and banana flavors.

All Nite Light

An all malt, golden American Light Lager consisting of low hop bitterness and aroma, with a light malt body that is clean and crisp. This ultra light has great drinkability with a less filling body. However, this on contains no preservatives and provides a freshness that cannot be duplicated by a bottled beer.

The Lunch Pale Ale

This is a Bull & Bones version of the classic California style pale ale. Beautiful amber in color with an abundance of premium Centennial hops that lend a distinctive spicy flavor and fragrant bouquet. Lunch Pail Defense and Bud Foster approved.

Maroon Effect Ale (Winner at Microfestivous)

In the brown ale category, this malty beauty shows is local spirit with a distinctive maroon tint. With an intricate balance of both chocolate and caramel malts and an abundance of premium hops, this beer is extremely complex with a very smooth aftertaste.

Sun Lit Wit

A witbier, this beer is the Belgian version of the German "hefe" or the US wheats. This unfiltered wheat beer is lightly spiced with coriander and orange, producing a sweet orange aroma and a taste that is tangy and refreshing.

Strick's IPA

The India pale ale was originally brewed extremely high in alcohol and hopping to withstand the long voyage from England to India. This American version is golden to light in color, with a clean, crisp taste. It contains enough malt to balance the 75 IBU's of hops. It is also dry hopped to add complexity and intensity to the citrus aroma.

St. Maeve's Stout

An Irish style dry stout that would make Uncle Mossy of Port Laois proud. Classically brewed with Kent Goldings Hops and offset by sweet malts, the end result is a rich, dark and gently roasted experience. Roasted and flaked barley finish this stout to create its well rounded body and extremely fragrant white head.

Bull & Bones Root Beer

Old fashioned creamy root beer brewed fresh on site. As good as it sounds, this rich brew is naturally caffeine free with no added preservatives and is sure to satisfy.